I have known Pat for several years and worked with her on a couple of nursing-related cases. Pat brings to each case considerable education, training and experience in the fields of nursing and accident prevention. Pat is also philosophical towards the work she does, and has a high level of empathy. I would recommend you consider consulting with Pat on your next case.
— Douglas J. Fees, Esq / The Cochran Firm / Huntsville AL
Dr. Brock helped bring our case to a favorable resolution. She was very thorough and knew the materials, she was knowledgeable and responsive! She provided us with literature that supported our theory of the case and helped with all aspects of the litigation. I highly recommend!
— Bridget C. Duignan / Latherow & Duignan / Chicago IL
I have had the pleasure of retaining Dr. Brock in past. She has been very helpful in not only presenting my case, but also in her explanations to me of the nursing and medical concepts involved. I highly recommend Dr. Brock both as a testifying and a consulting expert.
— Eric P. Czelusta, BCS / Florin Roebig PA / Palm Harbor FL
Patricia is an experienced qualitative researcher.
— joyce arlene ennis phd